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Originally Posted by Lara Coft Baby View Post
Very nice, so far in enjoyed the second level. I got stuck kind of easy and was hard to find my way out. And that's what I love. I love those challenging tombs that make you think. Those enemies in the second level are placed very well too. Scared the out of me every time. Loved it.
Thank you. I really appreciate it. Personally I felt like the second level had way too many uninspired puzzles. It mostly copied ideas from TR4. Although the newest version that you have is way better in that aspect. The vanilla version was really bad, especially with the amount of pushables. The first level was entirely designed on puzzle ideas so it felt more consistent in my mind.

Originally Posted by Lara Coft Baby View Post
I just finished recording part of the second level. I am uploading the video now. I had to take a break because I got slightly stuck. I'm going to finish it tonight. I am trying not to read the walkthrough for it because I want to do it myself.
Ahh, you were so near the very end! The third part will be really short.

Originally Posted by Lara Coft Baby View Post
I agree with that, I loved angel of darkness, and that's why I chose this game to do a lets play for. I love how the second level feels more like aod. I love the level of detail put into the castle and every thing. Its much better then what I could create.
Thank you again. But really, I have just ripped textures from different games (AoD, Harry Potter, the Witcher, Gothic 2) and set up the lighting to remind HP/Gothic 2. There's nothing really original about it. I'm sure you'd be able to create something similar.

I must say I had a bit of a smile when I saw you running around, trying different places and missing certain spots/items that I thought were visibly placed. Now that I see how people play it I can understand all these designers who were shocked while learning how hard their levels were.

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