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Originally Posted by Ellioft View Post

So Alicia can sing
For a first time it's good

Sorry I know it's not the proper section but I didn't find the Alicia's thread.
You can tell she is not a professional singer, but damn those are some good pipes for a beginner!

Originally Posted by Ellioft View Post
She's better than Emma Watson
Devil's advocate here: Emma Watson probably sings more than fine. Probably not at a "can carry by herself a entire musical where she is supposed to sing perfectly" level, but most probably in the same quality as Alicia here. Her autotune in Beauty and the Beast isn't an "she can't sing" autotune, it's a "let's try to make her voice professionally trained" one, which sucks because it really isn't changing anything note-wise, but removes not just any possible flaw, but also the things that make her voice sound natural.

Bit of a weird explaination, I know, but there are differences in autotune when it is because someone can't sing, or because someone just hasn't the most trained voice.
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