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Originally Posted by Alex Fly View Post
Impressive tool, great job on developing it !

Kinda remember me a bit about GraveRobber, that I used a lot in the past with Tomb Raider Legend.
For its time a good tool.
Thanks for the rating, but the core of the code wrote Rick.

Though his code is already there are not a lot, but the fact is, without these source codes, I passed by VStudio.
Added in Tomb Raider 2013 support fsb and decoding graphs.
Update possibly to the end of the week.
Now you can on the objects to find.
In the last two games under the fsb5 header is *.ogg. My fmodex refuses to play the sound.
If who knows throw off the parameters of the system.createSound(name, (FMOD.MODE._3D | FMOD.MODE.SOFTWARE| FMOD.MODE.LOOP_OFF | FMOD.MODE.CREATESTREAM), ref fsb);

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