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Default Program (beta) to edit animations stored in TRW files

Program has been updated to version 0.3

The Lite download is only 27kB and contains only the new exe + readme.
Hopefully you can just copy it into your existing TRW Editor 0.2 folder and it will work OK.

This is the full package 13MB for new users.

Details in this post

There are reports that TRW Editor doesnt work in Win 10 latest updates. If so you can follow instructions in this post to run the program from source code.

================================================== ============
Program has been updated to version 0.2.

TRW Editor 11MB
or download at trsearch/tools

Additional tutorials:

All 4 tutorials are also available here in one zip.

See Kristian's TRW utilities tool to easily modify TRW files.

Links to cutscene anims in TRW format.

TRW Editor readme
TRW Editor version 0.1 by sapper May 2010
Download link can be found at

TRW Editor is a program that allows you to edit
animations stored in TRW files exported from
Wadmerger's Animation Editor.

It can also create a TRW from a spreadsheet saved
as a CSV text file.
For the correct format see the example new.csv 
in the "Docs" folder.

For instructions view "TRW Editor.htm" in the 
"Docs" folder.

To run TRW Editor, double click on trweditor.exe.

Note the program requires DLL files that cannot
be distributed with the program. Hopefully they
are included in your OS.

Program written in Python 2.5
Uses wxPython
Exe version created using py2exe.

Tested only on WindowsXP.
The animations that are most suited for creation in a spreadsheet are simple repetitive or cyclical animations.

Old version 13MB

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