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Originally Posted by ArigatoGozymas View Post
I was messaged a few hours ago regarding my Gold Edition which I won through a raffle.
I won on the raffle too but haven't been asked which version.

Originally Posted by ArigatoGozymas View Post
when I asked Nathan about them at first, he said the VIP ticket does not include those, so I sent him a screenshot from the website that clearly shows that VIP ticket holders are entitled to receiving a copy of the album, and I'm yet to hear from him about it.
There definitely was a copy of the album down as part of VIP so we should be getting that. The party was the most incredible experience to go to and worth every penny but the page did say we get an album copy too. It still says it on the CBR page on the website now.
Go team GOLD - It's time for Lara to get her dual pistols back

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