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Originally Posted by RodneyMac12 View Post
I didn’t say I feel as though this character is a tribute to classic Lara, I said that this character REMINDED me of classic Lara. The first thing I thought of when I heard her talk was Lara and as a fan of TR, I naturally made a comparison to what we have now. So of course seeing the braid along with the voice and demeanor contributed to my observation.

Of course this voice wouldn’t have been a good replacement for Shadow, but in my opinion, the trilogy all together. If anyone disagrees, that’s totally fine, but I like a more stern sounding Lara. This thread was just to highlight the voice actor, not the braid as it was just an add on.
While I agree that this VA would have suited Classic or LAU Lara, I don‘t think she would have been a good choice for Reboot Lara since she sounds way too mature for a woman in her early/mid-twenties.

Originally Posted by Legends View Post
Anyone who doesn't sound like a screechy mess would we a huge step up. I'll even take the damn French twinge over Camilla's inconsistent accent. Rather that than Camilla's strainy asthma voice and overacting.
As always, you‘re being incredibly harsh. Being unsatisfied with something is perfectly fine but saying that someone has a „strainy asthma voice“ is just rude and uncalled for.

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