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This sounds like your TRLE folders are located under one of the Program Files folders. This is not recommended, because starting with Windows Vista, Microsoft hardened security measures, and made writing to Program Files unauthorized by default (to prevent risk of viruses). Because Program Files are meant for... program files, not user data. And because modifying program files means potentially breaking programs or letting viruses in.
So to prevent compatibility issues with old programs that write to Program Files, they put files in a temporary folder, that are visible to the program that made them only. Exactly what you experience. You can find those virtual folders under "C:\Users\<your-username>\AppData\Virtual Store\".
You can read more about this by searching "windows virtual store" on Google if you want.

To remedy this without changing your installation, you can run all your TRLE programs as administrator, so everything is written to the actual Program Files folders. But this is a workaround, and not recommended in general.
The best solution is to move all your TRLE folders outside of Program Files. Some like to make a folder in My Documents, on the Desktop, or at the root of their drive. Then you can work directly inside those folders without having to use administrator privileges.
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