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Oof! So very close!!

Wadtool is for precompiled resource wads for use in the builder tool during level creation itself! you cant inject this back as it's a full made level file and not a WIP project.

What you need is POST level editing tools ;D

You are on the right track with trviewer. This can be used to open TR1 PHD level files and import export both tga textures and actual 3ds objects etc.. quite useful for quick porting meshes between TR12345 level files.

PixStr22 is the tool you want to open the PHD FILE itself (and any post built TR12345 level files honestly!), change texture tiles at your will on objects etc and save it as is!

Most available TR1 mods out there are a simple combination of trviewer and pixstr22 editing. Take Xevengars tr1 mods. A clear mix of those two tools plus some mesh editing in Metasequioa (optional).
Very fun once you get the hang of it!

TombEditor and its supplied wadtool are for - building levels from scratch. You want to start way later in the process, editing fully made levels already

One last thing - your methodry of playing TR1 and or customs (via gog or steam) shouldn't matter at all here!
All you're doing is editing files in the DATA folder which is not changed with modern fixes and updates.
Aslong as whatever method you use fetches from the local data folder and not from an original TR1 cd, breezy modding life!

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