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This one I wrote years ago, based on a fictional relationship:

Do you Remember?

Do you remember when you picked me flowers
when we first met?
That was the day my love for you
was set.

Do you remember when we danced on the beach
under moonlight?
Or when I called you from the bus depot, in labour
Oh what a plight!

Do you remember when our son
scored a goal?
You were so proud, camera in hand.
Or when he saw a dear little foal?

Do you remember sailing over ocean,
making plans under a foreign sky?
Those were the days I thought
our love would never die.

Do you remember our plans,
our fears, our dreams?
Thatís all forgotten now it seems.

Do you remember when
you said your last goodbye,
and I tried so hard not to cry?
Do you remember?
I do.
It tears my heart in two.
"Who we are is not what we wear, or what sparkles. It's our spirit that defines us."
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