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Another poem. Sorry my voice is so quiet. I don't know how to make it louder. Maybe I need to buy a mic .


Take your pride and write it in a letter.
Send it to yourself and it will make it seem better

Hold your truth in the palm of your hand.
Donít let it seep through your fingers, like grains of sand

When life is too bleak, turn on the light.
The darkness is weak, when youíre willing to fight.

When the man in the moon is staring at you,
Tell him the sun can play this game too.

When the river threatens to overflow with loss
There is no bridge too long to cross.

Even the most delicate flower with petals unfurled
With inner power, will rise up to meet the world.

The strength in you is not a balloon that can pop,
Itís a beautiful bird that can fly and not stop.

Reach out for the help that you need.
Thereís nothing to fear if you take the lead.

Thereís no shame in going down the slide,
Just know with time youíll swing with pride.
"Who we are is not what we wear, or what sparkles. It's our spirit that defines us."
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