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Originally Posted by DragonDan View Post
Hi raiders! I'm currently playing TRII on my PC, and this thread has helped make it happen. Everything works rather nicely, except two small things:

Every time I hit the menu (ESC), it drops me out of the game. Not the biggest deal, but it is a disruption to the gameplay

I cannot get the touchbar to open the menu, no matter how many times I map it. Even to other keys or use the Scan Code setting.

Any ideas would help this old raider out.
I haven't heard of this issue before, I don't suppose you're using any external programs to map keys, or any external overlays like Steam overlay perhaps ? There are quite a few different builds of the EXE available, maybe trying a different build may correct it ? There is a link to a shared folder with all of the different TR2 EXEs somewhere... but I just can't find it! I do hope someone here can provide a link (be warned though changing the EXE might or might not break any patches you already have, which is not ideal).

Or actually this could be a much simpler workaround... I don't know your keyboard layout but if you change the inventory key to something next to it (for example on my keyboard the grave accent key ` is next to ESC), would that work around the issue ? I know you would like to map it to your touchbar but unfortunately I have no idea how to do that .

Originally Posted by Wooxman View Post
TR2Main isn't a mod, it's a port. A new port can have features that the original version didn't have. Just look at all the source ports for the Doom and Quake games. Those are ports, not mods, but they add a lot of new (optional) features.
It doesn't matter what it's called, my suggestion was that new players play an official release before an unofficial port, if possible.
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