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Originally Posted by Kidd Bowyer View Post
I'd argue that the Reboots feel more linear because of many modern game design trappings.
For example, let's take all those "everything is blowing up around you" sequences, like the flood in Shadow. That sequence is very impressive, but whether or not you get an instant Game Over is less about your skill controlling Lara, and more about your ability to pick up on the event designer's cues - there are plenty of ledges/objects/routes that should be feasible, but it's not The Right Solution. I'd say that's a pretty consistent quality in the Reboot games - Lara's jump arc, her ability to interact with objects, and the basic differentiation of what is and isn't feasible tends to seem very situational. For someone who grew up on the old school games, being told "This ledge is within Lara's physical capability to grab, but it's not the ledge you're supposed to use, it's just set dressing" can make it seem like the game is taking control away from you. The original six are definitely linear in terms of paths you can take to complete a level, it's just not quite as obvious, if that makes sense?
Theyíre definitely linear, and as you said itís not so obvious. But TRII doesnít even try. Itís just linear corridors with hallways in between.
Originally Posted by JoelCaesar View Post
^ The classics benefited from the grid system that allowed a fixed jump distance. Any edge in these games was grabbable by the player. Unfortunately with modern controls, graphics and mesh systems this could never be replicated again.
It could be replicated if wanted. They just need to spend some resources on it. But itís not the best thing to do in this day and age.

Originally Posted by Samz View Post
AOD had modern controls (on PS2 anyway) and a non-grid system and it managed to have non-scripted platforming.
Correct. But the LAU style platforming was way more satisfying imho.
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