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Default Tomb Raider 2 Randomizer

Tomb Raider 2 Randomizer by Danza, Nenad and me.
You can download it here -
Click code on the left and scroll down to see how to install correctly. To randomize, enter a seed (any number) in the respective boxes of your choosing.

The following are randomized:

Secrets - Randomizes locations of secrets, they are ordered based on casual play order, so you should expect to find a stone before jade.
Items - Randomizes standard pickups (excluding Key Items, not yet implemented).
Enemies - Randomizes the types of enemies you encounter.
Textures - Randomly applies a texture pack to a level, using packs found in the TexturePacks folder, feel free to copy the format and add your own!

Example of gameplay

How to Install

It's currently early days (so there will be bugs), and we are planning to add more features in the future. If there are any problems leave a comment, have fun

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