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Tomb Raider
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I've always wanted a randomizer for Tomb Raider, especially with Resident Evil being so popular with it

Just a few questions if they're possible:

Would it be possible to modify the data files, so we could have more variety of enemies, for example: a T-Rex in Venice or a Snow Mobile guy in the Temple of Xian? (this could up the difficulty and could be an option in the trainer).

Could we also have a random level option, kinda like how Resident Evil has a randomzier for the doors, that way we don't know what to expect?

Maybe a puzzle lock randomzier at some point too, this would probably need a lot of testing for different seeds so we don't potentially end up with a soft lock.

Also since TR2 isn't finished yet, have you got any plans for the other classics? TR5 might be near impossible due to that game hates being modded.
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