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Originally Posted by Arsunt View Post
Hey! Most localized things for TR2 are stored in
  • data/tombpc.dat - in-game text.
  • data/main.sfx - sound effects, "A-ha!" and "No." phrases.
  • audio/cdaudio.mp3 - music tracks, cutscenes audio and assault course voice lines.
  • data/*.pcx or pix/*.pcx or pix/16x9/*.png - pictures with some text.

tomb.exe normally stores just text for setup dialog box. There is no fast way to localize it right now, but I have plans to make it possible with no need to edit exe at all.
Thanks for the reply

If I understood that correctly, I can replace all those localized things besides the .exe and it should work? I wouldn't mind the setup dialog box staying English ^^

Besides that: Thank you for TR2Main and your efforts I appreciate your fast replies and the possibility to ask you questions
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