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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
Wait, so does this mean Amazon are out too? I mean they bought MGM did they not?
In this case I think so because MGM was operating as normal within Amazon, its probably been a progress to production clause that has failed because they didn't uphold their end of the contract or lacked the finances to reach a green light.

As for those companies I wouldn't mind Paramount taking it back because atleast they seemed to care enough about the films and were willing to make it a trilogy in the past, also they've done good things with Sonic.

Universal and Legendary could make this film huge too in terms of box office appeal. Universal in particular could have the budget to make this a top tier action adventure film.

My only qualm is I don't want Angelina back, if they reboot I want someone fresh who hasnt been involved as live action Lara, and maybe a bit older than Alicia, like Hayley Atwell or Gemma Arterton.
Does anybody really read these?!

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