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Alicia talking about Tomb Raider in her interview about the final episode of Irma Vep (spoilers)

Wrapping up the series, the production ends, Mira shoots Irma's death scene, then checks out of the hotel early and doesn't do the Dreamscape shoot she was contractually committed to. Why does Mira leave the production on that note, and why was it important for her to not do Dreamscape?

When I made Tomb Raider, I got to do something I've dreamed about since I was a kid. The difficult thing in our industry where people could end up being, I'm always honest, it's difficult to balance. The hard thing is to listen to yourself. But it's true, there are a lot of voices around you, and we clearly see [Carrie Brownstein as Mira's agent] Zelda being one of them, at least in Mira's life, and you must realize at some point that I need to make these decisions. I think she just made choices in her career that weren't hers. That's why she ended up not going there, because she just couldn't define herself within whatever that project was. That's the journey she made throughout the show.

I really think she really liked being Lara it wasn't just a contract for her.
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