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Default Return to the City of the Dead

Hello all

I'm making a new levelset which is based on the beloved TR4 Cairo style. This means that's there are no new objects, textures, or animations; only the basic stuff that came with the level editor (with a few other objects and textures ripped from TR4). I did this to prove that good levels CAN be made with the cairo wads, and that there's no reason to dislike those particular levels

The story is that Lara heard about an out-of-control situation back in the streets of the City of Dead, where the SAS soldiers attempt to stop a monster from destroying the city. Lara travels to the city to investigate, but she's not there to help the SAS, but to take matters in her own hands!

I'll probably make two levels: one is the basic level while the other kinda supports the first one. That way I don't have to worry about errors if the main level gets too big

Some screens:

The mosque

Streets of the City of the Dead

More streets

One of the underground sections

Thanks for reading!

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