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Cool Tomb Raider II: The Ancient Jade Mask

Ladies and gentlemen, i want to present you my current project:

A chinese tale tells of an emperor who ordered the most skilled crafters to make him a magnificient mask made entirely of jade. This mask symbolized his power as a ruler.
Before dying, he made his servants place the mask in a special temple in the mountains. This temple could only be opened by 3 special stone keys, which were scattered in various places of the world.
In addition, deadly traps and magical guardians were placed inside the temple to ensure no one would ever get the mask.
Lara wants to get it, but there are others that also want it. She knows that a group of bandits have recovered one of the keystones, and they have it in their hideout in the italian city of Pescara. That's her first destination.

1- Pescara---> Completed!
2- Bandit's Hideout ---> Completed!
3- Underwater Base ---> 100% Done, detailing left
4- Sunken Ruins ---> 100% Done, detailling left
5- Syberian Mountains ---> 100% Done, detailing left
6- Ice Temple ---> 100% Done, detailing left
7- Hengshan ---> 100% Done, detailing left
8- Temple of The Mask ---> Planning
9- Last Trial

This is the plan, it may change later.

You can try the first level as a demo now: Demo Link

The first is the main one. What do you think? The boots are black now instead of brown. There will be 2 more, one for the cold weather and the other for underwater environtments. I will update the section when ( and if ) i get to building the respective levels.

Other Things

Okay, this is a big project. Lots of levels, i know! I want to end building for TR2 with a bang, but i hope i'm not being too ambitious... It will likely take me a looong time, knowing how slow and methodical i am, but i have no rush!

If you have played my other 2 levels, you know what to expect, generally. As much variety as possible, no excessive backtracking, camera hints where needed, traps galore, balanced combat, etc. I will try to mantain the quality, hopefully elevate it. One area i will try to improve upon is the puzzles, i seem to have problems creating good ones.

The patch that Arsunt is working on: thread is crucial to the completion of this set. It will let me have a much bigger amount of textures in the future, which is amazing! I'm really excited about this.
Without the patch i don't think it's possible to complete, judging by the problems i have had in the past 2 projects.

To not make the wait before screenshots too long though, i will temporarily texture and illuminate selected areas when i have them ready.

Right now i'm gathering ideas for the levels. Funnily enough, i don't exactly know how to begin the first level but i know what to do to start the second. Making an interesting city level is going to be tough. I can say that i want to use the famous Venice boat in there.

Thanks to the wonderful work Arsunt has done so far, i can have colored health and oxigen bars, widescreen FOV, extended view and fog distance and waving inventory background.
About the backgrounds, this is the new background for the game:

I have already done the new main menu screen:

Unfortunately it doesn't look as good as the original because the image must have 8 bit color depth, but i still think it looks nice.

And that's it for now, i hope you like it so far!
Working on Tomb Raider II: The Ancient Jade Mask

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