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Originally Posted by Linoshi Croft View Post
WET is pretty much just that. Rubi swings on poles etc.

It was such a fun game! It had an awesome soundtrack.
Why are you doing this to me right now?
I was just getting to the point where i accepted that WET is a thing of the past never to be seen again, you bring it back now and im sad that we never get a second one.

I dont know if WET would be the best approach since the stylish combat and all would probably force the game into a similar type of platforming...and im not sure that is what would work for Tomb Raider.

But yeah, it would look really cool...not neccessary in the reboot universe i think, that is more grounded.
So the weight behind max paynes gunfights would fit a bit better i think...but more WET would help us all so very much. XD
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