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Originally Posted by Joey79100 View Post
Even with the classic workflow (sounds.txt), sounds ABD their samples could be renamed, and you could add or remove samples for each sound. So yes, you can do it.
I see. Haven't messed around with sound effects much so still learning basics..
In TR2 and 3 Lara would make noises when climbing walls and monkeyswinging.
In TR4 she doesn't .. its just generic 'shimmy' hand noises.

Is there a way I can add Lara grunting as she climbs, with a chance..
There is a 'Lara Climb Wall' noise for TR4, but AFAIK thats the regular hand noises only (like when she shimmies along ledges)
Suppose I could edit the sound effect myself to have both a grunt AND the handhold noise..
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