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thanks for sharing and thanks for the link. if i have time ill definitely try it myself

Originally Posted by PluitNoir View Post
I was looking for that flute song for ages. There are so many good tracks with that motif, but none of them are a part of the official rottr ost. It's like if it's an ambiental track and not constantly IN YO FACE EPIC track, it gets left out. So annoying ugh.
i dont like uncomplete soundtracks anyway. a lot of japanese games get full soundtracks with 5 or 6 cd's and with tomb raider the ost was always left in the dust. and now we only get a best of and thats it. one day when i have the time i want to extract all reboot soundtracks for a mostly complete library
Hi, I'm Marissa. I'm super excited to take trf's look to the next level.

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