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New patches:
  • Free camera: Lock
  • Sample file size
  • Sample rate
  • Sample buffer array
  • Reverb
Unfortunately FLEP cannot fix the Grenade Gun bug since TRNG already patches the code where it happens. But TRNG patch copies the bug instead of solving it.

About the reverb patch:To overcome false positive detection by antiviruses, FLEP patches now are applied to the executable memory, as TRNG does. The new workflow is:
  1. FLEP patcher will patch a binary blob called patches.bin
  2. As soon as tomb4.exe starts, flep.dll will read patches.bin and patch tomb4.exe
This tomb4.exe (Lara blinking) is different than standard tomb4.exe (Lara with headset) because it must talk to flep.dll.

As a consequence, these three files should be distributed if FLEP patches are used: tomb4.exe, flep.dll and patches.bin.TombIDE 1.3.14 includes the same files as above for new projects that use TRNG + FLEP engine.

Thanks to: Caesum, DJ Full, LaraHCroft91, LoreRaider and Lwmte.
Sorry if I forgot someone!

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