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Originally Posted by Johnnay View Post
I actually thought I responded in this thread a long time ago

But I can imagine Judith’s Reaction to her brother being harassed all over a demo and boy she won’t take it too lightly

Of an unreleased level just one short timid level

Originally Posted by TRExpertgamer View Post
right. I understand all of the Core members will be fine. It's that we were all very excited to be curious if it will finally be available after when we waited very patiently after all these years. And I'm still waiting until whoever is ready to make their own time to get ready to release it so we can have fun playing with it. So now I understand that this version only has one customizable level in it when they started to demonstrate it in the congress world center in Atlanta Georgia in 1998. So now I've realized that the version I'm crazy to play with is cut1. I remember seeing that from the source code file and it's for PC. I don't think they made a PS1 version of cut1 to make a trailer out of it and I know that trailer is in the Eidos demo volume discs. I don't think that PS1 beta trailer is cut1 because it does have Lara wearing that white outfit for Antarctica.

Yes Dustie did it!!! Take a look!!!

This is very cool hope he does a entirely playable level that would be awesome
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