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Originally Posted by LateRaider View Post
the last LC game was Lara Croft GO lol. nice try though sometimes spin-offs take a backseat so the main series can develop... sad i know

go cry doom somewhere else
Lara Croft Go is a mobile game, it's not a console game. LC GO is anecdotic at best. I mean it's a very good mobile game but that's it. The last real game we had was released five years ago with TOO. It didn't do that well, and that's why we didn't had any new one yet. Just like the only reason we got TOO is because GOL did awesome and they wanted to recreate that. Don't get me wrong that's great but the LC franchise is a struggling one, one wrong step and it's on hold.

If we think about it, TOO didn't do well or as much as expected (for whatever reason) and then we got mobile games that did really awesome. I wouldn't be surprised if their plan is that for now the LC franchise will only be a mobile game franchise since they cost a lot less and sold much better than the last console game.

And I'm not crying over it at all, just saying that it's not a good sign to get only that mobile slot machine game 4 years after GO came out. They're not even trying anymore, at least with relic run and GO they did try to deliver something that matches the original concept and that was good looking and good gameplay.

@Nigel Cassidy: Yes I didn't thought about Commandos, there's Crash too. But Crash right now is cashing over nostalgia. We have yet to see if the GP will support an entire new game with that formula.

And yes, mission accomplished, they know that us fans are very interrested in a new LC game, and I think that it's important that they know that, it's great. But I think we won't get anything until the GP shows a lot of interrest into this franchise again.
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