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Originally Posted by LateRaider View Post
nigel: actually i think a classic lara slot machine means they know this lara is still wanted and is popular in pop culture

me: also this is the third tomb raider slots game

you: they are literally KILLING tomb raider RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES. they are MURDERING HER. someone call 911
I did not sound that dramatic lol

But yeah of course they're not killing her and they are very interrested in her as long as she brings cash no matter how... Just saying that having only this slot machine thing after "so long" is not very a good sign for the franchise. And I took the exemple of Silent Hill because that's what happened with this franchise. No game for "a long time" and then a slot machine and then nothing... So... It's concerning to see something similar beginning to happen to classic Lara. But maybe I'm wrong and next year we will get an AAA game with classic Lara who knows ?

Nigel mentioned old franchise being revived and he has a point, we just have to wait and see what will happen... if anything happens...

And by the way, please if you answer this one, write a real message that make the conversation progress, throwing links and writing silly scripts doesn't add anything to the conversation, really...
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