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There was a big-ish update yesterday. Woo... *small fanfare* Just a few things I noticed while playing through the game again:
  • The theme on the main menu has been extended and somehow made more awesome, which I didn't think was possible. It starts off the same but then turns into a Game of Thrones/reboot, epic orchestra extravaganza (but in a good way)
  • There's also new music and sound effects in all the levels
  • Interestingly, according to the update notes, chapters 3-5 have been rebalanced, although I can't comment on this myself because I'm waaay OP at this point so it feels the same to me. But I imagine it's good for newcomers.
  • Target rewards are now available. You actually get rewarded for reaching stage and chapter milestones. While the idea is great, the rewards themselves are disappointing. But that's just me.
    (Side note: the reward menu has some neat concept art for the chapters)
  • General stability and graphics improvements. I've noticed the frame rate has improved significantly, at least on my device. There's new effects for enemy attacks and other stuff. Lara has new poses on the upgrade menu (random, but appreciated)
  • There's a new boss. That eagle boss with the tornado attacks has been replaced by a large version of those charging raptors. He's much easier to defeat, with a very basic attack pattern (I'd suggest the devs rebalance him; I feel he's a bit too easy for that stage in the game)

There's a few other small things I've noticed but those are the major ones. Anyway, probably no-one cares at this point but I figured I'd share because this definitely feels like the most significant update so far; you can really see the differences as soon as you load up the game.

It's kinda weird to think how different still the game will look like in full release.
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