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Default Deus Ex Models

OK so I know that Crofty extracted Jensen, Megan Reed and Yelena, but I was hoping for some more models.

I really REALLY badly want Eliza Cassan. Out of all the models she's the one I want the most. I was also hoping to get Frank Pritchard, Jaron Namir, Faridah Malik, Zeke Sanders and a Belltower Spec Ops guy. I know that's a LOT to ask for, but understand I am not asking for them all right now. I just wanted to ask so that if anyone plans to extract more Deus Ex models, these are the ones I would like to have. Eliza is my real request though, I was hoping to get her sooner than the others. If anyone does plan on extracting any of these (again I am not asking for them all, just letting you know I would like to have some of them for XNALara) take as much time as you need, I am a very patient person and I know the lot of you probably have a thousand other things to do.

Again Eliza is my real request, so here is a picture of her:

I have pictures like the one above for the others, if you need them just ask.

Thanks a lot, and I hope to hear from someone about Eliza soon. If you do plan to do it just let me know you are working on it so I have something to look forward to.
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