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Originally Posted by VictorXD View Post
Would he though? He didn't leak anything new or relevant after the datamined info.

I don't see why would he get in trouble for stating very obvious info we previously had.
He would've been under an NDA if he was a beta tester. Rise's DLC also got leaked this way by someone else. It's not beta testing.

Originally Posted by Vaskito View Post
He didn't say he played it - he said he saw it (which I HIIIIIGHHLYT doubt).

Regarding the PS update, I don't think you can datamine console stuff (unsure of this).

Simply put: if he was, he would be in a big legal trouble for the leaks.

Plus, datamining is something common, and if it's possible to do, it's because EM didn't encrypt the data before making it public, and anyone who knows how to datamine, can get the same info he got from Steam's files
But you base this after your own assumptions. That's not really relevant.
Also, you can datamine console stuff.

Datamining is common, everyone knows that but I don't see why the sudden effort to undermine it (pun intended) comes into play here.
Gh0stblade was the first to gain access to them because EM didn't delete them before publicizing an update.. I don't see the harm in this?

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