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Originally Posted by SoraSakai View Post
They claimed it was definitely the first entire complete draft.
Ah, right, I wasn't sure what was claimed, thanks. It does seem a peculiar yet specific thing to claim. It definitely puts their reliability as a source into question.

Originally Posted by Portugalraider View Post
True, I am being too harsh just for the joke.

I mean, I have not been shy about liking the movie and even some of the changes that it made to Lara and the general plot of TR2013. But the movie still ended up too Richard centric and generic. Hopefully Misha can deliver something both fresh and with family drama kept into a minimum.

Still is a bit too family-drama oriented, and a bit too "still part of origin story" for a sequel coming 4 to 5 years after the original, but I wouldn't mind if the movie explored that dynamic either.
Yes, I realised the joke .

I'd be disappointed if Ana wasn't in it. I think it should be possible to include her without piling on the family drama. I mean Ana seemed more of a business partner than a romantic partner for Richard in TR'18, so I think it could work. Just because Ana and Trinity were part of Lara's origin story in the games, doesn't (necessarily) mean the film is still tackling it. The 2018 film felt fairly standalone that way.

I'm wondering if the unified timeline might come into it. We know the Netflix anime is set directly after Shadow, but the movie could still be part of the transition.
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