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Default OCB code list

OCB Code List

OCB codes can be assigned to objects to create a special effect.
OCB codes can be assigned to enemies, traps, pickups, puzzles, etc.

Below is my personal OCB list with OCB codes I have been collecting the info over the years. It contains information I found out for myself but it also contains information collected from several TRLE related sites and authors.

I've put the name of the authors in the list for credits but in some cases I can't remember where I got the information from.
If you recognise your qwork, please let me know and I'll put in the credits.

I'm sure the list is not complete so please let me know if you have any additions to it.
Let's make this the largest OCB list online.

Btw, these are the OCB's that can be used with the original TRLE.
Additional TRNG OCB's can be found in NG-Center Reference.

Updated on March 1st 2011
- Fluen has added and changed a lot of things to and in the OCB list. I've added those things to the list.
Many thanks to Fluen!

Updated July 2013
- Added info on OCB 2 for the AMBER_LIGHT (discovery made by EssGee) and added links to tutorials about the lightning-conductor and mine field detonation (Tutorials by Fluen).
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