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Smile [RELEASE] UWE SCU : Level/Outfit Selector, UWE, TRUFly

Release 5 - needs codename
Added boobjob...
(fixed minimize, gentler jump too)

.zip 1.4 meg
.rar 1 meg

Release 4 - Codname Jiggle+

Preview, and a little example of what you can do with the cam:

Check out H4RR7H's Movie thread!

Fixed Object loading!

Phill78's improved boob jiggle code!

And the version now reads R4 instead of R3... truly astounding!


Enjoy Folks!

.zip 1.4 meg
.rar 1 meg

(appologies for the non working R3, was a *really* simple mistake! )

Release 3 - Apr 09 - Codename Jiggleboobs

Added just 2 new features:

Self explanitory, makes lara's jugs jiggle a little more

In the mean time I'm working on getting the object loading to work
on non-english systems.

You might want to try setting your language to default english (no language)
and making some savegames to use later!


Release 2 - Apr 09 - Codename Chimp!
Hey guys, time for the second update, and a few exciting new features!


Camera Controls:
A selection of controls to lock, unlock & move the cam.
Hide lara/equip: does what it says..

With these two you can make some awesome backgrounds for XNALara!

Weap selection:
Have the weap select screen for every level,
lets you select Thor's Hammer & the motorcycle too.

Object Loading: Allows you to replace the Assault Rifle with a range of
objects, including tigers, thralls, yachts, etc. Mucho funfun!

Show enemy HP:
Like the cheat!

New GUI:
Sekzy new interface... easier to read.. bolder.. cuter, 500% more chimpanzee.

New minor changes:
Overlay UWE/SCU on top of the game.
Hook for the ingame debug port (glitchy)
Fixed the keyhandler a little for JonnyT
Auto Numlock on (for warps)
New sounds, courtesy of Danielinhoni/Crystal
Fixed the noclip for flying.
A little secret
And other minor changes!

Hope it brings much fun!

___Instruction Video:
If you're having any trouble, try this link!
works best with VLC Player (

Release 1
[Zip] 1.4meg -
[RAWWWR] 1.0 meg -

Release 2
[Zip] 1.4meg -
[RAWWWR] 1.0 meg -


In vista, run as administrator.

Runs only on a patched v1.1 game.
You can find the update here:

Disable any antivirus software before running, could interfere,
but scan first of course!

Submit all bugs to one of the addresses below.

Num 1 means the '1' key on the numpad. if you're on a laptop,
you wont have this, so use the hotkey setup to change this!


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