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Originally Posted by b122251 View Post
Sorry to be nitpicking here, but pcx files are not used for textures. The textures are inside the phd files. PCX files in tr1 contain title and credit screens and such.
By the way, awesome project!
Well, technically, the title screens are textures as well. But I'll rephrase it.

Originally Posted by Suikaze Raider View Post
I found two bug The first of all was this:

Looks like your graphics card doesn't clear the screen for some reason. Pretty odd...

But I changed the DirectDraw rendering code in r6, so it should be fixed there.

Originally Posted by Suikaze Raider View Post
The second was with the music: In my "Music" folder I have all game tracks excepting "Track05.flac" (Because it's an useless track) and this created a bug, because the tracks 4 didn't be played in-game...
Don't delete unused tracks! The wrapper scans through all files to find out the number of total tracks. If one is missing, it will stop searching for more files, so the virtual CD contains the first three tracks only.

Originally Posted by Suikaze Raider View Post
If I enabled the Full OST patch in TRUB and I only have the tracks: Track02.flac (Title Tune), Track13.flac (Secret), Track59.flac (Ambience: Wind) & Track60.flac (Ambience: Heart Beat), only Title Tune is played
Yeah, it's not really a compact solution, but it's required for Sardoc's edited levels with music. However, you can disable full_soundtrack in the patch config for UB, then you only need the tracks 2, 3 (59) and 4 (60).

Originally Posted by Suikaze Raider View Post
"locale" folder in R5 is inside of "patch" folder, but the configuration files are in "patches" folder. It should be in "patches" folder? I'd want to know it for update my TR1 & TR1Gold (ATI): Locale Pack thread

Oops, yes it should be "patches", not "patch". Will be fixed in r6.

Edit: r6 is on Github now

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