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Originally Posted by Danath View Post
I'm currently texturing the map, and i'm excited about sharing this.
The central plaza of the level!

It's not so great compared to what can be done with later engines, but for TR2 i think it looks pretty sweet! I like the fountain with the ugly TR2 fish statue.
You need to find 2 keys before you can advance further, keyholes aren't placed yet, as i need to customize the objects. I don't know if to get rid of that shadowing on the hole where the bell is, it does cracks on the sides. :\
I wanted to use the tall street lamp static from TR3 Gold Zoo level, but the game crashes with a .dll error when using them. The benches are retextured from The Deck so they're not rusted and broken.

Another thing, i am experimenting with the background and i have this one currently:

I don't know if to use that, or just screw it and go with the traditional red background with the awesome wave effect. What do you people think? Like that floral one?
Er...Where are the images?

EDIT: Never mind, they didn't load for me at first.

Love that central plaza. The inventory background looks pretty cool as well.

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