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Originally Posted by Maverin View Post
That looks like a plausible setting for that track Girafarig. The texture does seem a little too 'bright' compared to the other dark textures from those levels. Maybe they used a leftover from the Germany levels because they were in a hurry and forgot to change it later on.
Would that texture have fit in with the Germany levels? It looks out of place anywhere. Maybe it was a floor tile? It's also worth noting that it's kinda low res compared to many other textures, so it's likely it was forgotten (since they didn't bother to "touch it up", or maybe they just suspected people wouldn't see it.

Originally Posted by Caesum View Post
Isn't watery grave actually used in the PS2 version of the game?
Originally Posted by Ruu11 View Post
Yes, that SFX on Eckhardt's Lab is actually in the game if I'm not wrong :S
That's an interesting point, I forgot about PS2 (even after all these years being most familiar with the PS2 version). I just now compared the PS2 to PC to "Watery Grave", this is the result:

PS2: has the water SFX, but the trickling sound is much longer and there is no violins in the background.

PC: No SFX in the original

"Watery Grave": contains both a shortened trickle SFX fitting directly with the water animation, and it includes the violin music.

Originally Posted by Woops View Post
Not exactly sure how you came to that conclusion, though.
I think it's because otherwise it looks strikingly close to the final build.
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