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You can smash the display cases in the Louvre with gunfire (At least during Galleries Under Siege) but its a little wonky to trigger (or the glass takes a suprising amount of bullets to break.)
That's not the only thing you can smash in the game.. You can also smash the pottery (seen here) in the main hall with the lasers, after the first room with the paintings. You can also smash the shower at Von Croy's place and the Greek styled vase.

The Taser still has sound effects in the Le Serpent Rogue so its clear Core wanted Lara to have the option of non-lehality (Probably since even they realised Lara was getting a bit kill happy.) up until she's fighting exclusively Cabal troops but neither it or the Dart gun actually work in the Nightclub (They both won't knock them out but the stun gun "shock" effect will still happen on them.)
Didn't know that.. good find!

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