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The problem with the Sansa character at the moment is they need someone to embody / represent the Northern supposed resentment towards the Targaryens and foreigners (Dothraki and unsullied). And Jon can't play that role as he's already won over by Danaerys, Bran can't because he's the 3-eyed raven and no longer concerned with such things, Ayra has previously expressed admiration for a female Targaryen (in her talks to Tywin) to be able to credibly be so hostile immediately.

Plus it kind of bookends the Sansa of first episode in season 1. Someone wholly impressed with Queen Cersei on her arrival at Winterfell............ Sansa's whole arc is to rid herself of silly infatuations and beliefs in fairytale princes and princesses. She has to not be impressed by this impressive new Queen.

And I think she despairs at Jon giving up his title so easily because she thinks he's being a bit like her old romantic self. She's projecting onto him.
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