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Originally Posted by biscuits View Post
Assuming we get comics when the next game releases, I really really really hope Philip Sevy returns.
Oh definitely. And at least on Instagram the does seem to very much enjoy drawing Lara, and always said he had a great time drawing the comics.

Beside, his work on Inferno, especially issues 2 and 3 was top notch.

When (not "if", when) the comics return, I really want him to return. He has become to the reboot comics what Andy Park was for the Top Cow comics imo. Hell, I'd bring the whole creative team from Inferno back, really. Also loved the writing from Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly. They made the terrible art from Survivor's Crusade bearable.

Speaking of which, I came across these sketches from Ashley A Woods for Lara in "Survivor's Crusade", and while I still prefer Tomb Raider comics to have a more realistic art, this is so much better than what we actually got!

Seriously, what the hell happened here? I'm starting to feel, with these sketches and her online portfolio, that Woods is perhaps a better cover artist. She probably can't handle a full comic's schedule.
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