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TR2, eh?

(good grief though, am I kanji illiterate - had to look most of those up, and that's exactly why I dropped out of uni )

Supermodel adventurer, really? I know Japan kinda originated her birthday at least, but I suppose that explains the whole "Pretty Fugitive" thing, too...

As far as the feminine expressions go, to be fair, Lara's speech patterns even in English are quite feminine, I think - it's just that in Japan, 女言葉 is so very systematic, that it seems more pronounced.

I guess it comes across as girly though, in Japanese, more than womanly. I haven't paid much attention to the way she speaks, actually, in the clips I've seen.

EDIT: I have to say, I love Atsuko Tanaka as Lara, as well. Megumi Ogata did a great job in TR1 though - very close match, I thought, to Shelley's performance.
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