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Originally Posted by Cochrane View Post
Most Star Trek shows only got any good after season three. I feel like they’re similar to Buffy: Both are shows/franchises that experiment a lot with storytelling. Some experiments worked out really well. Some, not at all.

One must never forget that Dallas had an entire season so bad that they brought back a character who previously died and declared the whole thing just a dream.
The less said about Wesley Crusher the better running around saving the ship in almost every episode of the first season while the bridge crew stood there doing nothing one of Picard's best lines shut up Wesley.

Naomi Wildman in Star Trek Voyager was Wesley done smart intelligent and helpful without rubbing it in other people's faces.

I had forgotten about Dallas when I was creating this topic even though I never saw that scene at the time all I remember is the theme tune, I've been thinking of that scene in Dallas recently when a character in a show I watch called Ackley Bridge died I was initially in denial thinking that maybe the whole episode was a dream and that she would wake up at the end either at home or in hospital but it didn't happen like I wanted it to.
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