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Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
When I saw the title of thread I instantly thought "my god season 6 and 7 of Buffy will be quoted" and I guess I was right.
Kidding I understand the critics. I must disagree about S6 as I thought it was good but different. The depressive feeling was spot on, I enjoyed it even if it is uneasy to rewatch.
S7 was disappointed but still okay. The new slayers plotline was interesting at first but... nah it didn't work. The urgency and the very dangerous feeling of the end of the world to come was spot on. I like The First too.
I still prefer them to S1.
When discussing how he would end Battlestar Galactica, Ronald D. Moore talked about agonizing over the plot until he remembered "it's about the characters, stupid." And he made that the point to give to the writers the next day.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as a narrative, can be summed up with that phrase. Everything - narrative, cohesion, consistency, etc, gets sacrificed in order to do interesting things with the characters. And that's fine - if that's the intent of the show and it's understood, then go with it and accept it.

But the side effect of that is the entire fandom of Spike worshipers developing their own canon and rationale as to why Spike pre-soul behaved as though he did have a soul the entire time when compared to literally every other unsouled vampire in the show.
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