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Originally Posted by tlr online View Post
I am interested in seeing out of bounds screenshots.
Here ya go! It's all thanks to LateRaider that I was even able to do this!

EDIT: Here are some shots of what I'm talking about. When Lara reaches this point...

...her next action is to perform a jump after passing through the building.

Unfortunately, when she goes to jump, there's nothing for her grapple ax to latch onto... she falls into this pit and dies.

And then she's back at the beginning to do it all over again. So, if anyone can help me to access an earlier back up save file than the one the console provides, I'd be very much appreciative.

Originally Posted by Zsott View Post
So if I remember correctly there are no campfires on the combat route in San Juan, only checkpoints; I think you lost that progress...unless, you've made a manual save after completing the game.
No, I haven't made any manual saves. I don't think it would have worked, anyway, as I triggered the mudslide all over again.
I own a PS4.

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