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These older games were never really designed to be played on the modern TVs we have today, they were intended to be viewed on CRTs in their native resolutions. If you're expecting a modern display, alongside the PS3's subpar emulation to display them correctly, it's not going to happen without a ton of hassle. Even if you throw all the bells and whistles (enhancements) at it, the outcome can still be rather crap. The PS3's emulation is based on 1:1 emulation with minor smoothing/speed additions; it doesn't alter the internal rendering resolution like PC emulators, it just upscales, and poorly at that.

Now, if there really is something overly irregular happening with the image, then perhaps it may be some setting with the TV. Or the fact that you mentioned that you previously played on a plasma TV - I've heard that good Plasma TVs scale older stuff much better than your average modern display, but I doubt that is the case here. Also doubtful - this new QLED technology could be culprit somehow, but I know nothing about this.

As mentioned, the PS3's settings are very limited where emulation is concerned. Try to tinker with different combinations of settings from the PS game options (smoothing, full etc), your actual PS3 display output settings (480/576, 720p,1080p etc), and other features your TV may have. You might need to pick and choose your battles between the PS3's settings and those available on the TV.

Is it convenient for you to get the PC versions of these classic TR games? You can still find physical CD versions or buy them digitally via steam or gog. There are also many fan-made patches and utilities, should you run into trouble setting them up on modern OS, or if you'd like extra enhancements such as widescreen or other modifications.
If you're looking for the classic PlayStation experience, I recommend looking into running these games through emulation on a PC.
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