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Originally Posted by raidergeekdude View Post
Yea I canít upload videos my internet is way too slow for that ...when I look up screen tearing all I see is videos of a single very define line going thru the screen, so I donít think itís that. The only area Iím getting distortion is around Laraís body when she runs, just the pixels around her body. Itís sorta strange,I donít know if Iím nitpicking or if itís always been like that and Iím just now realizing it but Iím pretty sure Iím not just noticing it because I played tomb raider games forever and never noticed this. Though I mostly played on plasma TVs now Iím playing it on a new qled tv..but itís a 2019 tv that supposedly has upscaling capabilities,so I donít know why it would make tomb raider look worse or if itís ps3 settings doing that..
I was going to say, it could be the upscaling. Try whatever options there are in your TV.
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