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My overal opinion about shadow is that from the whole trilogy is definitely the best.
Why? Here's my summary :

1. Lara's skills. We have at least half of the skills we get in rise so it seems and feel more like a sequel than rise felt. Yeah, there's a lot of them, but overall I found them useful especially on deadly obsession difficulty.
2. Story itself. I mean, it's not perfect. It could be better, but considering what kind of mess we get at the end of rise... I'm surprised that story works so well in the end.
3. Soundtrack. I generally enjoyed every single soundtrack from every single tomb raider game/movie, but this one got me more than the others. I used to adore Jason Graves's work, but compared to this masterpiece that got so many elements of the classic and yet it's going its own way... I mean, I totally understand why so many people hate Shadow, but after listening to that soundtrack it definitely became my favourite game of all. And mostly because of soundtrack that suits so well to the tones of peruvian jungle and Mayan civilization. And also to whole journey of Lara croft in this trilogy.
4. Environment. To be honest, first TR had all kind of environments - from forest to icy mountains to dusty tombs. Rise had with except of Syrian level only snow snow snow and I was pretty much tired from it. But jungle... I genuinely felt all the time like that jungle was living on its own. Such amazing and colorful! I don't think that I saw better graphics and better playing with colors than here. But I'm like... I'm usually playing only or TR, or alien isolation all over again cuz there's not much games that are having that something special I love.
5. Stealth. In rise stealth was pretty good but here it's totally new level. And actually it worked way much better than in rise.
6. Library. I mean, that level is one huge HELL YEAH! for me. And especially that music that plays in library. Like there's nothing. Not a single bad word I can say about that level.
7. Trinity pursuits finally revealed. It only took... 2 games actually but still. And it's just nice to see how trinity finally ended.
8. Tombs. They are srsly deadly. And if you are playing it on deadly obsession, tombs are seriously deadly and I've never felt that scared.
9. Spanish as the main language of basically almost everyone. It felt so great to hear something else than English. At least I've learned few things so.

I don't know. I can't remember more things I love about this game. Because for me it's so far the best tomb raider game by CD/SE.
I totally understand why so many people hate this exact game but.. Does any of them ever tried to enjoy it? I know that it's basically same game as TR2013 just with better graphics and better game play, but this game have so many similarities to TRIV, which was my first tomb raider game ever. And 19 years later I'm still obssesed with tomb raider just like when I was a kid. And I feel empty after finishing it just like I felt after finishing tomb raider the last revelation. So basically I don't care what other thinks, 'cuz for me this is the best game we got so far.
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