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Lightbulb Did someone say "New Game+?". Here it is.

I finally did what I wanted.

Here is what you get at the first campfire:

- All skills (including Browler tree)
- Competition Bow - the strongest bow in the game (comes with grenade arrows)
- Maximum carrying capacity for all types of ammunition
- You no longer need Weapon Parts to upgrade weapons - these unlocks are stored in saves. All You need is salvage. Which is why I give you...
- 10000 salvage.

At the second campfire (right past Russian capture) you get fully upgraded pistol with all attachments and upgrades.

Competition Bow already has all upgrades except for rope arrow and fire arrow - because you acquire them through game's storyline. Bow is very fast and strong. Combined with all skills, it one-hit-kills an enemy by 1 shot anywhere on the body. No more shooting for the heads, no more failing stealth. You can kill 2 or 3 enemies before they even realize it.

So here you go. All skills, salvage, and fully upgraded best weapon in game.

What I found Interesting is that grenade arrows aren't hard to find. Don't shy away from using them as the game has plenty of them. They can break barriers instead of shotgun, and ignite ignitable objects.

Also, with arrow retrieval skill you never run out of arrow ammunition.

Here are saves:!1V1REIyD!T8jS440C0...3afZG16VUjSSAo

Don't forget to restart Steam after copying the save. This is required!

NOTE: Game may not give you all upgrades at first campfire you visit; but it does give all at second or third campfire. And definitely without requiring the parts. I checked that and finished all my weapons 100% without finding a single part.

Fun fact: once, at the end of the game, I did find a part, and it said that now I have "98 pistol parts".

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