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Originally Posted by LateRaider View Post
it's the closest to an answer we have. i think it's official enough if it's by official crystal dynamics staff, regardless of whether or not she got it by checking wikiraider or the tomb raider fandom wiki
The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that it is not enough to say it's official. Another three reasons:
  • Core Design timeline is separate to the Crystal Dynamics timeline. We have only information about Larson in Tomb Raider Chronicles being Conway so the confirmation would be only about the Core Design timeline. This change would be made by another studio after 16 years of the release date of the game. Sorry, but this does not seem legit for me.
  • If you honor such a change, then every detail could be changed this way. We could all agree that Natla would be Natla X from now, we would change all of the wikis and there would be a "30 Years of Tomb Raider" guide in 2026 and its author would copy the error from the wikis without checking sources because a surname is just a detail and it would become canon. Does it feel right? Definitely not. If Crystals had made this change consciously and if it had appeared in a game, then it would matter I think.
  • If you say that DuPont is fanon, then why don't you apply the same logic to Larson who always was just Larson in the games? When one sees DuPont in the guide, one could say that Meagan Marie changed the official spelling to DuPont...
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