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Default Your newest addition: SkNero

Greetings everybody,

after some lurking and some convincing by ANoDE I decided to join this lovely community

I'm Georg Abendlich, alias Nero, a 22 years old TR fan from Germany.
We had a PSX in my early childhood and my father was a TR fan already when I was born. Unfortunately we only had TR4 on our PSX and I loved to watch my father play. He still tells me stories how he didn't know how to proceed and I gave him tips what to do next Sadly I was too young to really understand the game. It was too hard and I stuck more with titles like Crash Bandicoot...

In early 2020 I got a gift for TR1 on Steam. I decided to play it and had a wonderful time - asking myself if I would be able to play TR4 now. Got my hands on a copy and played through it. It took me 18 hours ingame time, but as you can imagine, I had to restart, reload and retry alot.

After this experience I wanted more and bought the full collection on steam (TR2013 for free from square enix, ty for that).

It took me about a year to complete all the main games of TR in chronological order (except TR4).

A few days ago I was browsing through twitch and was watching some TR streams and decided to stream my first playthrough through the missing TR titles that I have (TR1 Unfinished Business, TR2 Golden Mask and TR3 the lost artifact). Through various discussions I decided to join this community and wanted to introduce myself. Hope to have some nice conversations here

Best regards
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