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Originally Posted by Tremolo View Post
Mmm, I'm pretty sure it has to do with the game itself. I'm playing Resident Evil 2 Remake and works fine. I'm sure is not about the requirements. I'm using the GOG version, so the game is updated and is legitime.

Years ago I played it on Windows 7 with a nVIDIA GeForce 6200 and it worked fine. I haven't touch the settings in the graphic card. I only changed the Vsync after trying everything else. I tried to change the register options and I only could fix the stuttering in the loading screen.

This is the only game I've been experiencing this.


I installed dgVoodoo2 and now the game runs better, but not completely smooth. I even could fix the stuttering in the loading screen without modify the register. It seems the stuttering is related when the game has to load a new room. The game is playable now but very annoying when the stuttering appears.
Have you tried another version?
GOG version usually suffers from technical problems
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