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I don't know this particular program, but considering the way it's used, with what you typed it will search the source image file in the same folder as tric.

Is your .PCX file really in the same folder or somewhere else?

If somewhere else, try moving it and run the command again.

That, or you can Shift+Right click on your source file, click "Copy path" (or similar, i don't know what's the exact name in English), then paste it in place of your source image name in the command.
For example it will look like this:
tric tr2pc "C:\Path to\your\source\file.pcx" target.bmp

^ this will still output in the tric folder though, but if you want to output it somewhere else you can use the same trick and just replacethe "pcx" extension with "bmp".

This os generally true for every path in command line programs.
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